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ratwee asked on 7/5/2007 8:12:12 AM Report this post
trying to conceive 8 month ago ! starting clomid first Cycle ! what should i expect now?when is the time of ovulation

fertilitygal said on 7/5/2007 2:23:13 PM Report this post

When taking clomid, ovulation should occur around 14 days after the start of your period. Doctor's generally prescribe the minimum amount, then if that does not produce ovulation, increase the dosage. Clomid only works in 50% of the women who take it (one member got pregnant the first cycle!) and can actually prevent pregnancy in some women (which my fertility specialist believes happened in my case). I was on the minimum dosage of Clomid for 5 months in the attempt to ovulate two eggs. Since I was already ovulating, my fertility specialist did not do much in the way of determining the effectiveness of Clomid on my ovulation.

If you were not ovulating before being prescribed clomid, and your doctor is taking a "wait and see if you get pregnant" approach, I suggest you buy an ovulation predictor kit and chart your BBT so that you know when/if you are ovulating.

Note that Clomid can cause a false positive on ovulation predictor kits, so you should not begin testing until you have taken all of the pills for the cycle. Even then, if you get a positive in the morning, take another one at night to make sure the color has not gotten lighter (which would indicate it turned positive because of the massive amounts of Clomid still in your system and not your body's LH).

Good luck!

ratwee said on 7/6/2007 12:25:15 AM Report this post
it's CD12 and am using OPK but didn't get the LH surge ! what that suppose to mean ? am not ovulating or still early to know?
iam taking 100 mg clomid (3-7) no side effects till now!

fertilitygal said on 7/7/2007 4:31:21 PM Report this post
Typcially, you will get a positive result a day before you ovulate, so it should be positive tomorrow if you have a 28 day cycle and the standard 14 day luteal phase. Let us know how it goes.

ratwee said on 7/23/2007 8:57:18 AM Report this post
I guess this cycle just failed with me!,i have all AF Symptoms !iam waiting for AF in these 2 days!
I guess the period is due on wednesday!
it is something very frustrating! am really tired! and thanks for all!

Leighcm said on 8/1/2009 10:14:02 PM Report this post
I heard that clomid makes you ovulate a bit late--I think I ovulated last month on day 16 or 17. My OPK were always negative but I had a spike in my temps on day 18-31.

mmata15 said on 8/4/2009 1:31:17 PM Report this post
I am also on 100mg of clomid and I have been ovulating around day 19 and getting positives OPK's around day 17 or 18 of my 29 day cycle. I started on 50mg and it did nothing for me so my Doc doubled the dose to the 100mg and it worked like a charm. Temps regulated themselves and I could tell just by temping when I was getting ready to ovulate and then I verified with an OPK. Hopefully the same will happen to you.....I am on my 2WW...so we'll see!

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