April 21, 2015
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Starr2982 asked on 12/1/2009 12:56:57 PM Report this post
OMG, so I am totally pscyhed out... I have spotting right now at 11 dpo. This may seem normal for other gals, but i have never spotted before in my life, except once when I was pg (but had mc). Is it too early for implantation? This cycle seems promising because (if anyone has talked with me about my situation), i don't get baby juice every month, and this month I got it TWICE around O time... I'm soooo excited! When can I test? I've tested for the past six days and BFN but I know its still early. When does HcG come after implantation?? Im just really on my toes now... AAHHH!!

mandi7983 said on 12/1/2009 1:02:41 PM Report this post
omg. ok, I am with u a little here. I am 12 dpo today and last night after me and the hubby did our thing last night, I had LITE spotting, and nothing now... I am due to start friday or saturday... I was reading that you can do a Blood test tomorrow at the earliest.. but for hpt it wont be til like thursday or friday.. if you are starting same as me. go to the websit, pregnology.com they have some great info. good luck

Starr2982 said on 12/1/2009 1:07:23 PM Report this post
WOW thanks :O) Me and you are pretty much cycle buddies then... I am 11 dpo and due to get AF on Saturday. I NEVER get spotting, and my period never starts out like spotting, it always just comes in a darker color and starts undoubtedly as AF. But today I went to the bathroom and wiped and had spotting, light pink... Another wipe, nothing. For me, this is a GREAT sign! I have seen many women ask the same question and come out with a BFP....

Keep me posted!! <3 Jenn

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