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rara asked on 5/3/2008 9:35:07 PM Report this post
i had a miscarriage in december, the only reason i found out something was wrong was because they did an early ultrasound to try and date the pregnancy and discovered that there was no heartbeat. my body wasn't doing anything about it though, i still had pregnancy symptoms but knew there was no viable baby. after 3 weeks they scheduled a D&C.

now i'm 7 weeks pregnant and so nervous and worried something might be wrong. i called my family doctor yesterday and asked if there was anything they could do to reassure me things were on track. they said if i went in they would take my blood pressure and weigh me at the end of may. i wasn't impressed, i could do that myself.

my ultrasound is june 16th, and so is my visit with my midwife. people mention having their hcg levels checked but i asked about blood work yesterday and they said no. am i not being offered all i could be? should i be pushy? or am i doomed to wait it out? :(

leaheileen said on 5/4/2008 12:42:43 AM Report this post
Hello rara,

I am sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Unfortunately, sometimes the placenta will continue to pump out hormones even after the baby has passed away; this will cause your pregnancy symptoms to continue. Your strength is a wonderful gift, rara.

Concerning hcg levels, they are usually taken if the doctor believes it is necessary or if you are really insistent and your insurance will cover it, same for ultrasounds in some cases. ;)

I am lucky that my insurance allows as many ultrasounds as the doctor believes are necessary, so I had one at 7 weeks to confirm pregnancy and to visually verify the heartbeat. I had another one at 11 weeks when we were unable to hear the heartbeat due to my tilted uterus and then the anatomy screening at 20 weeks. Each ultrasound that is done on my request and not at the doctor's I am charged $20.00 for. I have acquaintances whose insurance only covers one ultrasound around 24 weeks, so it may be that your insurance does not cover earlier ultrasounds.

Also, because there have not been enough tests concerning the effects of ultrasound on fetuses, there are some doctors who prefer to limit ultrasounds to those that are necessary such as the anatomy screening.

I believe, if your insurance covers these procedures (e.g. ultrasounds, hcg levels) or you are willing to pay for these tests out of pocket and you are experiencing emotional anxiety, you should firmly inquire as to why your doctor does not comply with your wishes for these tests to be done; sometimes your doctor will have a very reasonable explanation.

Concerning being "pushy", I think that whatever helps relieve your anxiety (within reason, of course) should be your right to request. I am sure many of your "fears" or "uncertainties" are shared by all pregnant women and are quite common and should be expected by your doctor.

I thoroughly sympathize with you and I wish you the best and many blessings in your pregnancy!



rara said on 5/4/2008 7:28:49 AM Report this post
i'm in canada so i pay for nothing :)

Corinna said on 5/4/2008 1:29:37 PM Report this post
I too wish there was more that "they" did during the early stage of pregnancy. I am a high-risk pregnancy from conception on this time, so I've had numerous u/s, worry attached to every one of them. There really is nothing that they can do until twelve weeks or so when they can begin to hear the heartbeat with the doppler. They can do a u/s after about 7 weeks to get a good visual heartbeat indicator, but that is about it. There's really no checking on the baby's health until later. UNFORTUNATELY!!!! (grrrrrr..)
I am such a pregnancy NUT that I absolutely HATE the first trimester due to just this very reason. I want to get in to see the doctor and find things out!! :) The second and third trimesters are much better. You can begin to feel the baby move toward the end of the second, then seeing your swelling belly, then getting to go in every two weeks at month seven and every week at month nine... My favorite thing is to go to my OB appts. It is just so thrilling and life confirming!!

My very first pregnancy ended in miscarriage at 10 weeks. They said the baby measured at 6 weeks. This is in line with how long it takes the body to realize the baby has died and to begin the miscarriage part of it. Losing a baby is very painful. A TON of first pregnancies are lost this way. Not every woman loses her first pregnancy, so it makes losing your own seem to be something you'll never recover from. You'll always be afraid of losing your baby until the point where you can be constantly reassured the s/he is growing inside you.(feeling the li'l one kicking and rolling around inside the aquatic gymnasium) I went on to have three children with no difficulties whatsoever. I'm pregnant now at 24+ weeks with my fourth child. :)

Ask for an ultrasound based on your recent miscarriage. Once you get to the twelve week mark, you can buy or rent a doppler device so that you can listen to the heartbeat anytime you wish. I don't have one, but have heard of many couples that do have one and love 'em!

Try to ease your concerns a bit if you can. Keep a journal for your baby expressing how you are feeling and how much you are looking forward to holding him/her.

Best wishes to you!!

rara said on 5/4/2008 8:14:10 PM Report this post
thanks, yeah my son is 18 months old so i know things can work out fine and just because we had a bad experience last time doesn't mean i'm doomed for another one.

i had planned on buying a doppler, but i know they don't work until later on so i'll wait to buy it since i can't use it for a few weeks.

not only is a miscarriage a terrible thing but it really sucks that i feel afraid to just let loose and be happy and enjoy this pregnancy because i'm scared of the 'what if's'. but i guess thinking positive won't hurt anything :)

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