April 17, 2015
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Froggy5 asked on 11/2/2008 11:04:22 PM Report this post
i have been watching my mucus and it was clear yesterday and now it's yellow today so does that mean i am O today i need help thanks

momoflad said on 11/3/2008 7:54:34 AM Report this post
When you O, normally your cm is Egg white color, very wet Here's what i found.. Hope this helps



Following the menstrual period, there is a feeling of dryness. There will be no visible mucus. Gradually, more mucus will accumulate - yellow, cloudy, or white in color and sticky to the touch.

Approaching Ovulation

As you approach ovulation, your cervical mucus will increase. First, there will be a moistness or stickiness to the mucus, as well as a white or cream-colored appearance.

During Ovulation

At ovulation, the quantity of mucus will increase greatly and the appearance will resemble "egg whites", often semitransparent. The texture will become increasingly slippery and 'stretchable'. This is your most fertile time.

Following Ovulation

Following ovulation, the slippery quality of the cervical mucus will decrease and the mucus will become sticky and cloudier. Post-ovulatory dryness will also ensue.

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